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Big Fish:

the Musical

February 6-9

Edward Bloom’s stories, whether true or not, are the sum of his life; but his Son, Will, is determined to learn the truth behind his father’s fantastic tales. But as he searches through history, Will soon finds that there are certain facts that he may not have wanted to know. What is true? What is false? And does it really matter?

The Coronation of Elvyra

Tickets available
May 1st
June 12-14, 2020

Five women of vastly different backgrounds travel through the desert to find the 12-year-old queen Elvyra, who they believe to be the new savior of humankind. But when they arrive at Elvyra’s temple and find it is guarded by a fierce patriarchy, they must ask themselves why they believe in what they cannot see. An original play by Tony Winters, founder of the players.


50 School St., Bridgewater MA 02324


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